Season 1 E1 Money, Mindset, and the Future with Aman Costigan

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Welcome to the Wealthy Future Lawyer Squad (WFL$) Podcast, Lauren has a heart-to-heart with Aman Costigan. An attorney and the driving force behind Beyond Yoga for Lawyers, Aman enlightens us about her journey of reshaping her definition of success, all while harmonizing her personal values with her professional path.

Show Notes:
πŸ“00:40 Introduction to Aman Costigan, attorney, mom, and founder of Beyond Yoga for Lawyers.

πŸ“Learn more about Beyond Yoga for Lawyers here ➑️

πŸ“02:08 Insight into Aman’s mindset shifts from law school to attorney, mom, wife, real estate investor, and business owner.

πŸ“04:15 Discover the WFL$ Podcast’s mission: Empowering law students to create their own path to success.

πŸ“05:20 Aman recounts her intentional 10-month paternity leave experience, emphasizing work-life balance.

πŸ“08:00 Aman shares how her views on money, wealth, and debt have evolved since law school.

πŸ“10:40 Hear about Aman’s mindset shift towards financial independence and her stance on financial risks.

πŸ“14:02 Announcement of the Virtual Law School Back to School Vision Board Party on July 27th. Register here ➑️ πŸ“…

πŸ“19:01 Aman reveals her best financial decision and biggest mistake, offering practical insights.

πŸ“22:24 Engage in a discussion on the power of delayed gratification and strategic saving for the right investment.

πŸ“27:48 Aman discusses time management, debunking the myth of “not enough time,” and emphasizing goal setting.

πŸ“32:33 Learn how yoga saved Aman’s legal career, leading to the establishment of Beyond Yoga for Lawyers. Learn more here ➑️

πŸ“39:19 Lauren and Aman underscore the importance of early mindset work for law students and encourage you to register for the Virtual Law School Back to School Vision Board Party on July 27, 2023. Register here ➑️

πŸ“42:05 Lauren wraps up with a final question for Aman, “What would you tell your 1L self?” Aman’s response is sure to amaze.

Tune in, absorb, and remember: the path to success and fulfillment is uniquely yours to create.

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Here’s to defining and pursuing what truly matters to you! See you in the next episode.

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