Hi, welcome to the Wealthy Lawyer Squad (WL$)! I’m Lauren Klein, a lawyer, mom, wife, and now podcast host. I’m excited to share this journey with you.

We’re all about exploring the complex, often unseen facets of building a rewarding career in the legal field. On this podcast, we’ll delve into the world of law, money, family, relationships, and the delicate balance required to manage them all. This is a place where life lessons meet career advice, and where the importance of a healthy mindset is emphasized.

On the WL$ Podcast, we’ll unpack common challenges law students and new lawyers face, like stress management, effective communication, networking, career planning, and yes, even those tricky workplace dynamics. Together, we’ll navigate these issues, offering strategies and insights to smooth out your journey.

My experiences— as a professional navigating my career, a mom balancing family life, and a woman making her way in the world— have shaped my understanding and approach to these topics. My hope is that sharing these insights will empower you to cultivate a more balanced, fulfilling life and career.

Our conversations will span a range of topics relevant to the next generation of lawyers. We’ll share ideas and strategies, learning from each other’s experiences. Think of this space as a dynamic and interactive masterclass, or even better, a heart-to-heart talk.

So, whether you’re looking for advice on handling the pressures of law school, a new career in the law, or transitions in your career while trying to strike the perfect work-life balance, or seeking inspiration to fuel your dreams, you’ve found a home in WL$. Here, we champion growth, resilience, and the power of a strong community.

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