Season 1 E 11 Crushing Law School Debt: Chad Tourin on a Game-Changing Strategy

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In the latest episode of “The Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad,” we’re excited to welcome a unique guest, Chad Tourin. Chad isn’t just an attorney; he’s also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and a Financial Planner. His rare combination of skills and experiences makes him an ideal guide for anyone navigating the challenging waters of law school debt and financial planning. This episode promises to provide actionable insights and strategies to manage your finances effectively, both during and after your law school journey.

Episode Show Notes:

[00:00:00 – 00:00:50] Introduction of Chad Tourin: CPA, Financial Planner, and Attorney

A brief introduction of Chad Tourin sets the stage for the episode. Chad’s unique blend of expertise as a CPA, Financial Planner, and Attorney is highlighted, showcasing his extensive knowledge in financial management and legal affairs.

[00:00:56 – 00:02:26] Chad’s Family-First Mindset and Journey from CPA to Law School

Chad discusses his initial career path, starting as a CPA. He reflects on how his family-first mindset influenced his decision to pursue law, intertwining his financial expertise with legal knowledge. This segment offers insights into how personal values can shape professional choices.

[00:02:30 – 00:04:40] Chad’s Realization: Law Students’ Struggle with Financial Management

Here, Chad shares his realization about the financial challenges law students face. He talks about the lack of financial literacy among students and his strategic decision to focus on finance during his law school education. This part of the episode stresses the importance of financial awareness for law students.

[00:05:01 – 00:05:54] Understanding Debt Management Difficulties for Law Students

This segment dives into the common difficulties law students encounter when managing debt. Chad highlights the complexities of student loans, budgeting, and the lack of financial planning resources available to students.

[00:06:30 – 00:07:30] Setting Up Success: Right Order and Utilizing Financial Planners

Chad discusses the critical steps law students should take to set themselves up for financial success. He emphasizes the importance of doing things in the right order and utilizing resources like financial planners.

[00:07:53 – 00:10:00] Alternate Career Routes in Law and Financial Goals’ Impact on Career Choices

In this section, Chad explores the various career paths available in the legal field and how one’s financial goals can impact these choices. He encourages law students to consider alternative routes in their legal careers that align with their financial aspirations.

[00:10:01 – 00:12:40] Chad’s Financial Planning Firm: Seeing the Bigger Picture Post-Law School

Chad shares his experience of opening his financial planning firm. He discusses the importance of seeing the bigger picture and resisting the urge to follow the traditional path post-law school. This part of the episode is particularly inspiring for those considering entrepreneurship after law school.

[00:12:50 – 00:16:50] Finding Balance in Attacking Law School Debt with Lauren and Chad

Lauren and Chad have an in-depth discussion about finding a balance when planning to tackle law school debt. They delve into strategies for managing debt while also maintaining a quality of life.

[00:17:00 – 00:20:27] Chad’s Money Mindset Evolution: It’s About What You Keep

Chad talks about the evolution of his money mindset since his time in law school. He emphasizes that true wealth is not just about income but also about smart money management and what you’re able to save and invest.

[00:20:33 – 00:23:37] Investing in Self: Chad’s Best and Worst Financial Decisions

In this enlightening segment, Chad discusses the best decision he made regarding money, which was investing in himself. He also candidly shares some of his worst financial decisions, including not protecting his wealth from bad investments and the importance of setting boundaries when lending money to friends and family.

[00:24:00 – 00:26:58] The Value of Investing in Coaching and Seeking Expert Financial Advice

Lauren and Chad highlight the importance of investing in coaching and seeking advice from financial experts. They discuss how getting credible and relevant advice can significantly impact financial decisions and overall success.

[00:27:15 – 00:29:38] Finance Book Recommendations and Caution on Tailoring Advice to Your Situation

Chad provides recommendations for finance books that can help motivate law students to establish a healthy money mindset. He also advises caution, suggesting that readers focus on books that provide general concepts for establishing wealth and avoid those offering specific strategies that may not apply to everyone’s financial situation.

[00:30:00 – 00:32:46] Chad’s Advice to His 1L Self: Resisting Competition and Diversifying Experience

Chad reflects on what advice he would give to his first-year law student self. He talks about the importance of resisting the competitive nature of law school, considering alternative paths in the practice of law, and the need to diversify law school experiences.

[00:33:34 – 00:34:33] Closing: Love for Coaching and Educating Law Students on Financial Wellness

The episode concludes with Lauren and Chad discussing their shared passion for coaching and educating law students. They emphasize the importance of establishing a healthy money mindset for a fulfilling career in law.

As we conclude this episode, we hope that Chad Tourin’s insights have inspired and equipped you to take control of your financial future. Remember, it’s not just about how much you earn, but how wisely you manage your finances that counts. Don’t forget to subscribe to our podcast for more conversations that empower you to achieve the life you deserve, both during and after law school. We wish you a fantastic end to your semester and look forward to continuing this journey with you.

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Chad Tourin’s unique perspective as a CPA, financial planner, and attorney provides a comprehensive look at financial management for law students. His advice and strategies are invaluable for anyone looking to make informed financial decisions, handle law school debt effectively, and lay a solid foundation for future financial success.

Season 1 E10 Law, Life & Creative Legacy: Kayla Moran on Defining Success Your Way

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Welcome back to “The Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad”! In today’s action-packed episode, Lauren sits down with Kayla Moran—Founder of Kayla Moran Law, Podcast Host, and much more. Prepare for an exhilarating ride as we delve into Kayla’s unique journey into law, her passion for content creation, and her mission to redefine success in the legal field. This is an episode that’ll inspire you to reframe your perspective on law, life, and everything in-between.

Show Notes:

[00:00:00 – 00:00:59] Introduction and Today’s Special Guest, Kayla Moran

[00:01:00 – 00:12:15] Kayla’s First-Gen Immigrant Background: Family as Her Board of Directors

[00:12:34 – 00:15:00] The Transformative Power of Empathetic Law School Professors

[00:15:01 – 00:19:59] Kayla’s Approach to Content Creation and Entrepreneurship

[00:20:00 – 00:24:00] Lauren and Kayla Discuss Law School Pressures and Vision Boarding

[00:24:01 – 00:39:59] Navigating the Legal Aspects of Creative Entrepreneurship

[00:40:00 – 00:55:00] Money Talks: Defining Your Relationship with Financial Success

[00:55:01 – 01:16:11] Book Picks: Unplugging to Recharge and Reduce Stress

[01:16:12 – 01:20:00] The Final Takeaway and Next Steps for Listeners

And just like that, another episode comes to a close. A massive thank you to Kayla Moran for sharing her extraordinary story and to you, our listeners, for being a part of the Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad. Life in the legal field is a marathon, not a sprint, and every episode aims to equip you with the right tools to go the distance.

Stay tuned for more exciting episodes!

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Season 1 E9 Lauren’s Journey from Student to Coach: The Why Behind the Law School Blueprint for Her

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Welcome back, Future Lawyer Squad, to another electrifying episode of “The Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad” podcast! Today, we’re diving deep into the personal journey of Lauren Klein, the innovative mind behind ‘The Law School Blueprint for Her.’ She’s going to share invaluable insights on navigating the complexities of law school, pursuing her LLM, her time with the Big 4, and her transition into mindset coaching. Keep your notebooks handy; this episode is brimming with advice you won’t want to miss.

Episode Timestamps:
[00:00:00 – 00:03:00] Introduction and Overview of Today’s Episode
[00:04:12 – 00:07:00] From Law School to LLM: Lauren Discusses Her Journey to the Big 4
[00:07:01 – 00:08:10] Insider Tips for Pursuing a Job in Big Law
[00:08:11 – 00:11:30] Lauren talks the stress of figuring it out
[00:11:31 – 00:15:00] The power of participating in Bar sections and learning through networking
[00:15:01 – 00:20:00] From Boutique to Big Law. The winding road of self-discovery
[00:25:14 – 00:30:00] Mental Health in Law School: Understanding the Toxic Environment
[00:30:01 – 00:34:25] Conclusion and Teasers for Next Episode

And there we have it, another compelling episode with concrete insights to fuel your journey through law school and beyond. A big thank you to Lauren Klein for laying it all out for us! We urge you not to let these lessons pass you by. Stay tuned for the next episode and as always, keep striving for that wealthy future, Squad!

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Until next time, keep leveling up!

Season 1 E8 The Mindset Makeover with Katie Lipp: Excelling in Law and Entrepreneurship

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In this enlightening episode of the Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad, host Lauren Klein sits down with Katie Lipp, the Law Practice Queen herself. From founding her own law firm to empowering other entrepreneurs through her coaching, Katie is the epitome of a legal powerhouse. Dive into a conversation that navigates the interplay of money, mindset, and the often-overlooked mental hurdles in the legal profession. Ready to prioritize yourself and create the life you truly deserve? Keep listening!

🎯 Timestamped Show Notes:

[00:00:00 – 00:05:00] — Introducing Katie Lipp and her transformative quote: “Have you ever allowed yourself to wonder what life would be like if you believed you could do it if you could put all your energy into what you cared about no matter what other people think, here’s your sign to allow yourself to do all the things you want to do.”

[00:05:01 – 00:10:00] — Launching a Successful Law Firm: The Untold Story

[00:10:01 – 00:15:00] — Transforming Your Money Mindset by Dispelling Anxious Energy About Money

[00:15:01 – 00:20:00] — Understanding How Your Brain Works Leads to Greater Success

[00:20:01 – 00:25:00] — The Necessity of Investing in Coaching to Accelerate Growth

[00:25:01 – 00:30:00] — Unpacking the Money Mindset and Limiting Beliefs

[00:30:01 – 00:35:00] — Cracking Open Your Mindset Potential

[00:35:01 – 00:40:00] — Debt, Credit, and Smart Money Management

[00:40:01 – 00:45:00] — The Role of Supportive Relationships

[00:45:01 – 00:50:00] — Understanding What You Truly Want

[00:50:01 – 00:55:00] — Life Principles That Fuel Success

[00:55:01 – 00:58:28] — Trusting the Journey and the Process of Growth

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Season 1 E7 She Finished in the Top 1% of Her Class, But it Was Toxic. Now She Shows Law Students and Lawyers a Better Way

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Lauren is joined by special guest Angela Vorpahl, who dives deep into the journey of becoming a successful law student and transitioning into an even more successful lawyer. If you’re a law student looking to gain a competitive edge or a young lawyer aiming to find your “secret sauce,” this episode is a must-watch! 🎓🔥

[00:01:23 – 00:03:12] Lauren introduces her guest, Angela Vorpahl
[00:03:15 – 00:04:00] Teaching new lawyers how to harness their secret sauce after law school
[00:04:12 – 00:05:23] Angela, on finding success as a first-generation law student
[00:09:12 – 00:09:55] The experience of “not knowing” in law school
[00:12:12 – 00:13:30] A discussion on how law schools define success
[00:14:14 – 00:15:21] Are law schools disincentivized to help students succeed?
[00:17:00 – 00:18:25] Overcoming the “all-or-nothing” mentality to law school success by learning to define personal success
[00:26:15 – 00:28:30] Angela discusses the money mindset shifts that prepared her for business success
[00:31:12 – 00:33:23] Lauren encourages law students to be smart about money to ensure more strategic options are available later
[00:34:12 – 00:35:12] Angela discusses avoiding the temptation of comparison
[00:42:12 – 00:44:10] Lauren and Angela discuss the power of learned experiences and making progress through self-discovery
[00:47:32 – 00:49:10] Finding your purpose in the pivot. Angela talks through her process of transitioning from Big Law
[00:56:00 -00:57:23] Learn more about Angela and her amazing journey at

Season 1 E6 How to Overcome Anxiety in Law School

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Hello Welcome Future Lawyers! Welcome to another episode of the Wealthy Future Lawyer Squad Podcast. 🎧 Your host, Lauren Klein, dives deep into the urgent topic of mental well-being in law school. We’re tackling why depression and anxiety rates are soaring among law students and equipping you with actionable resources and mindset hacks. 🛠️

📚 In Today’s Episode, You’ll Discover:

🕰️ [00:01:45] The Mental Health Crisis in Law School: A comprehensive look at the spike in anxiety and depression and how it affects your law school performance and future career. 🏛️

👥 [00:06:30] You’re Not Alone: A Toolkit of Resources: Unpack the importance of seeking help from therapists, psychologists, or psychiatrists. 🩺

🧠 [00:12:15] Mindset as a Superpower: Unlock how a shift in your perspective can be a game-changer in your law school experience. 🌟

📚 [00:18:30] Unveiling Law School Culture: Break down the institutional barriers contributing to mental health stigma and how to challenge them. 🚀

😕 [00:24:40] Face Your Feelings: Dive into why dodging or numbing your feelings isn’t the solution and how confronting them can bring clarity and emotional growth. 💪

😰 [00:30:20] Situational Anxiety 101: Analyze the psychology behind classroom stressors like being called upon by professors and how to reframe these situations positively. 🎓

🔍 [00:37:00] Therapy: Your Non-Negotiable: Get real about making therapy a cornerstone of your mental health strategy. 💆‍♀️💆‍♂️

🚗 [00:44:20] Therapy as Routine Upkeep: Why taking care of your mind should be as regular as a gym session or an oil change. 🛠️

Don’t let the rigors of law school or the pressures of the legal profession derail your mental well-being. If this episode resonated with you, it’s time to take action. Share this conversation within your network to foster a culture of mental health awareness. And remember, prioritizing your mental health isn’t just an option; it’s a necessity for long-term success.

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Season 1 E5 The $250K/Month Law Firm: CEO Club’s Brittany Alexander Tells All

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In this episode of the Wealthy Future Lawyer Squad podcast, host Lauren Klein interviews Brittany Alexander, a successful lawyer and entrepreneur. Brittany’s journey from starting her own law firm at the age of 28 to achieving significant profits within the first year is truly inspiring. She shares valuable insights about money, mindset, and the challenges of being an attorney. Listeners will also learn about Brittany’s CEO club and how she continues to generate consistent revenue of at least $250K per month. Tune in to hear Brittany’s incredible story and discover how she achieved such remarkable success at a young age.

[00:00:47] Starting a Successful Law Firm: Unlock the Secrets to Brittany’s Rapid Success.[00:05:19] Social Media and Law Practice: Leveraging Networks for Client Conversion.
[00:08:42] CEO Club and Accelerated CEO: Your Fast-Track to Multi-six-figure Months.
[00:11:27] Helping Others in Law: Making an Impact Beyond the Courtroom.
[00:13:19] Salary as a First-Year Attorney: What to Expect and How to Negotiate.
[00:16:28] Money Mindset and Limiting Beliefs: Tear Down the Walls and Build a Fortune.
[00:19:08] Cracking Open Mindset Potential: Elevate Your Mental Game for Success.
[00:22:11] Dealing with Credit Card Debt: Pro Tips for Financial Freedom.
[00:26:31] Smart Money Management for Success: Create a Financial Strategy That Works.
[00:29:31] Supportive People in Your Life: Cultivate Your Circle for Prosperity.
[00:33:00] The Importance of Choosing Friends: Align Yourself with Success.
[00:35:20] Knowing What You Want: Find Your North Star and Navigate to It.
[00:39:04] Powerful Principles for Life: Guiding Lights for a Stellar Career.
[00:41:18] Trusting the Process of Growth: Embrace the Journey and the Destination.
[00:44:11] Making Money for the First Time: What It Feels Like to Touch Real Success.

The power-packed wisdom Brittany Alexander brings is nothing short of revolutionary for any attorney who aspires to build their empire. If you’re ready to climb the ranks and join the Wealthy Future Lawyer $quad, now is the time to act. Smash that subscribe button, leave us a review, and share this episode with anyone you know who’s gearing up for greatness. Oh, and don’t forget to join our exclusive mailing list for even more high-value content delivered straight to your inbox. Trust me, you won’t want to miss what’s coming next.

Be audacious, be vibrant, and above all, be wealthy in your legal journey. See you on the next episode!

Season 1 E4 From Law Student to Thriving Lawyer: The Power of Community & Coaching

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🎙️ Tune in to Episode 4 of the Wealthy Future Lawyers Squad podcast as Lauren Klein dives into the Law School Blueprint for Her and the transformative power of community and coaching for law students.

Lauren addresses burning questions and FAQs, guiding you through modules that build self-confidence, overcome imposter syndrome, harness stress, and empower you to chase your dreams fearlessly. Discover how this blueprint can revolutionize your law school journey and career.

Join the Wealthy Future Lawyer Squad today! 💼💪📚

[00:00:19-00:02:46] Introducing the episode and overview of Law School Blueprint for Her.

[00:02:47-00:03:22] The power of mindset and transformation during law school.

[00:03:23-00:04:57] Reflecting on your goals, purpose, and values.

[00:04:58-00:06:16] Becoming your ideal self to grow and succeed.

[00:06:17-00:07:56] Building self-confidence for a fulfilling law school experience.

[00:07:57-00:09:14] The importance of a morning routine for success.

[00:09:15-00:10:52] Overcoming imposter syndrome and advocating for yourself.

[00:10:53-00:12:40] Harnessing stress to power you through challenges.

[00:12:41-00:13:56] Essential strategies for effective organization and productivity.

[00:13:57-00:14:44] Managing procrastination and time management.

[00:14:45-00:16:30] Developing effective study habits and strategies.

[00:16:31-00:18:01] Understanding the money module and achieving big goals.

[00:18:02-00:19:41] Embracing abundance, money, and designing your life.

[00:19:42-00:21:04] The Law School Blueprint for Her community and networking benefits.

[00:21:05-00:21:56] Exploring the opportunity cost and making the most of your journey.

[00:21:57-00:22:44] Join the Wealthy Future Lawyers Squad..

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Season 1 E3 Lauren’s Top 5 Tips for Law School Success

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Welcome to Episode 3 of the Wealthy Future Lawyer Squad (WFL$) Podcast, “Lauren’s 5 Tips for Law School Success”. In this episode, Lauren, dives deep into a handful of essential strategies that helped her through law school. From the importance of a solid routine and “deep work” to the value of setting clear goals and building a supportive network, these tips are designed to equip law students with the tools they need to thrive. Remember, the key to success is not just about hard work, but about smart work. Let’s get started!

Show Notes:

[01:46] Introduction to Lauren’s Pro-tips for Law School Success 👩‍🎓📚
[02:02] Tip #1: Create a solid law school routine. 🔑
[03:45] Understanding “Deep Work” and efficient study schedule management 🕓
[06:13] Prioritizing your day and to-do list organization 🗓️
[07:40] The benefits of an organized calendar and clear priorities 📍
[09:35] Embrace the power of gratitude to overcome imposter syndrome 🙏
[12:54] Tip #2: Setting your “Why” for law school success 💡
[17:00] Tip #3: Lauren’s golden nugget she wishes she’d known in law school 🏆
[18:18] Navigating isolation and choosing the right support network 👭
[23:43] Tip #4: Networking with lawyers, judges, and fellow law students 🤝
[27:30] Engaging with local bar associations for additional support ⚖️
[31:05] Tip #5: Be prepared and understand the “law school game” 🎯
[37:15] Prioritizing mental health in the demanding environment of law school 💆‍♀️

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Your journey through law school doesn’t have to be daunting. As part of the WFL$ Squad, you have community, sharing tips, experiences, and inspiration to help build our wealthy futures in the field of law. Remember, your success story starts here!

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Season 1 E2 Learn The Secret to Becoming a Wealthy Future Lawyer

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Welcome to the Wealthy Future Lawyer Podcast! In this episode, we dive into cultivating a prosperous mindset, understanding the difference between active and passive income, strategically managing debt, and laying the groundwork for a wealthy future. Join us to uncover actionable insights on your journey to financial success in the legal profession.

Show Notes:
00:00:00 – 00:02:00 – Introduction: Lauren discusses her background and why the show focuses on mindset transformation and wealth creation for aspiring lawyers.

00:02:01 – 00:09:00 – First Secret to Wealth: The host discusses the importance of an abundance mindset, how it can propel you forward in your career, and how to start cultivating it.

00:09:01 – 00:13:00 – The Difference Between Active and Passive Income: Explanation of the concept and significance of active versus passive income. Understanding the importance of not relying solely on your job for wealth creation.

00:13:01 – 00:18:00 – Smart Investment Choices: Here, Lauren shares her experience with smart spending, saving, and investing to accumulate wealth, such as investing in real estate.

00:18:01 – 00:23:00 – Changing Perception Towards Debt: Discussion how to view and manage debt, especially student loan debt. A personal story of how the host managed to pay off her law school debt through savvy financial strategies.

00:23:01 – 00:28:06 – Lauren wraps the episode after diving into how to manage law school debt while striving to become a wealthy future lawyer. She also gives a glimpse into what you can expect from future episodes and guest speakers.

Thanks for tuning in to Episode 2 of the Wealthy Future Lawyer Podcast.

Join us as we explore practical strategies to cultivate a prosperous mindset, understand the difference between active and passive income, strategically manage debt, and lay the groundwork for a wealthy future in the legal profession.

Remember to follow us and stay tuned for upcoming episodes with valuable insights to propel your financial journey forward!

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