She Finished in the Top 1% of Her Class, But it Was Toxic. Now She Shows Law Students and Lawyers a Better Way

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Lauren is joined by special guest Angela Vorpahl, who dives deep into the journey of becoming a successful law student and transitioning into an even more successful lawyer. If you’re a law student looking to gain a competitive edge or a young lawyer aiming to find your “secret sauce,” this episode is a must-watch! 🎓🔥

[00:01:23 – 00:03:12] Lauren introduces her guest, Angela Vorpahl
[00:03:15 – 00:04:00] Teaching new lawyers how to harness their secret sauce after law school
[00:04:12 – 00:05:23] Angela, on finding success as a first-generation law student
[00:09:12 – 00:09:55] The experience of “not knowing” in law school
[00:12:12 – 00:13:30] A discussion on how law schools define success
[00:14:14 – 00:15:21] Are law schools disincentivized to help students succeed?
[00:17:00 – 00:18:25] Overcoming the “all-or-nothing” mentality to law school success by learning to define personal success
[00:26:15 – 00:28:30] Angela discusses the money mindset shifts that prepared her for business success
[00:31:12 – 00:33:23] Lauren encourages law students to be smart about money to ensure more strategic options are available later
[00:34:12 – 00:35:12] Angela discusses avoiding the temptation of comparison
[00:42:12 – 00:44:10] Lauren and Angela discuss the power of learned experiences and making progress through self-discovery
[00:47:32 – 00:49:10] Finding your purpose in the pivot. Angela talks through her process of transitioning from Big Law
[00:56:00 -00:57:23] Learn more about Angela and her amazing journey at

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