From Big Law Burnout to Powerhouse Lawyer with Erin Gerner

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Lauren welcomes Erin Gerner, a trailblazing lawyer and founder of Powerhouse Lawyers. Erin shares her remarkable journey from experiencing burnout in big law to establishing a revolutionary community for women in law. This episode dives deep into practical strategies for balancing a demanding legal career with personal fulfillment, overcoming impostor syndrome, and the importance of building a supportive network to foster growth and success.

Tune in to discover how you can transform your legal career with the right mindset, community, and strategies. Connect with Erin Gerner to learn more about her empowering retreats and coaching programs designed to elevate women in law. Whether navigating law school or starting your legal career, this episode is packed with insights to help you thrive.

Show Notes
[00:00:00 – 00:02:12] Lauren introduces Erin Gerner, founder of Powerhouse Lawyers and host of the Powerhouse Lawyers podcast.

[00:02:13 – 00:05:45] Erin discusses her path in the law and her decision to walk away from it all to embark on a journey of self-discovery.

[00:05:46 – 00:07:22] Lauren and Erin discuss what they learned through their experiences with network marketing.

[00:07:23 – 00:10:00] Erin discusses the painful need to reconcile identity and redefine self-worth during her transition out of the law and the birth of Powerhouse Lawyers.

[00:10:01 – 00:13:20] Erin dishes on her recent retreat and the profound impact of fostering intentional connections and authentic relationships among the participants.

[00:13:21 – 00:22:00] Q&A segment: Lauren and Erin answer questions from a 1L about how best to balance work and family as a future lawyer. The two provide advice on planning for work-life balance and seeking mentorship.

[00:22:01 – 00:28:15] Erin discusses how she coaches women in the Powerhouse Lawyer coaching program on goal setting, setting boundaries, and overcoming people-pleasing.

[00:28:16 – 00:32:12] Erin talks to her 1L self about forging her path, dreaming big, and addressing her ‘money story.’

[00:32:13 – 00:36:37] Closing thoughts: The importance of financial literacy and addressing money stories.

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